Gyaneshwari 132

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



12. The yogi, by renouncing the fruits of actions finds the highest peace. The uncontrolled person becomes attached to the fruit of action through the pull of desire and gets bound. Peace visits him in his house and woes him who loathes the fruit of action and has attained to the knowledge of the Self. O Arjuna, another (i.e. worldly person) becomes tied to the peg of enjoyment of the fruit of action by the knot of desire and gets bound.

13. Mentally renouncing all actions, the self-possessed person rests serenely in the body, the city of nine gates, neither acting himself nor causing others to act. He performs actions as others who have the motive of reward, but remains indifferent to it with the notion that he is not its agent. He creates happiness wherever he casts his glance, and wisdom dwells wherever he wants it to dwell. Even though he remains in the body of nine gates, he is not really there, and though he works, he does nothing as he has relinquished desire (71-75).