Gyaneshwari 125

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



The Lord was pleased with this speech of Arjuna and said with great delight, ‘It will be as you say’. If a person is lucky to have a mother like the wish-yielding cow, then he could demand and get even the moon to play with (6-10).

See the grace of Lord Shiva; did he not bestow on Upamanyu the Milky Sea, with which to satisfy his desire for rice with milk? If Lord Krishna, who is the store of munificence, is accessible to him (Arjuna), why should he not bask in happiness? When he has the Lord of the Goddess of wealth as his master, is it surprising that he should demand whatever comes to his mind? Therefore, whatever knowledge Arjuna sought, Lord Krishna readily gave it to him. I shall now tell you what Lord Krishna said thereafter.

The blessed Lord said:

2. Renunciation and Yoga of action both lead to the highest bliss. But between the two, Yoga of action is better than renunciation. Lord Krishna said: O Arjuna, if you consider renunciation and Yoga, both are in fact conducive to liberation (11-15).

As a boat is an easy means for the women and children to cross the river, the Yoga of action is a straight path for the wise and the ignorant. If you consider what is valuable and what is worthless, you will see that the Yoga of action is an easy path; if you pursue it, you will also obtain the fruit of renunciation. I shall tell you, therefore, the characteristics of renunciation, so that you will realise that these two paths are similar.