Gyaneshwari 123

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



Even as the sun’s disc, though small, can light all the three worlds and more, in the same way the pervasive nature of the word should be experienced (211-215). Just as the wish-yielding tree grants the desires of a wishful person, the words are all pervading; so please give your attention. Why do I need to tell you this?

You yourselves know all this. I am only requesting you to pay heed to this talk. Just like a woman who is of good family, beautiful and chaste, you have here a talk, which is perfect, full of literary art and the serene sentiment. If a medicine is coated with sugar, which everyone likes, will it not be taken regularly and cheerfully? If a fragrant breeze blows from the Malaya mountain, and at the same time one is lucky enough to taste nectar and hear a sweet note, the breeze will cool the body, the nectar will please the tongue and the sweet note will receive plaudits from the ear. To hear this talk is indeed to gratify the desires and to avoid the sorrow of worldly life without disturbing the mind. If the enemy is destroyed by a mantra, why need one use a dagger? If the disease is cured by sugared milk, why need one drink the (bitter) juice of the Neem leaves? Thus without curbing the mind and without tormenting the senses, this hearing readily conduces to final release. So Jnanadeva, disciple of Nivritti, says to you, “Please listen to the import of the Gita with all the eagerness that you possess (221-225).”