Gyaneshwari 117

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



34. The wise who have realised the Truth will instruct you in wisdom. Learn it by falling at their feet, by questioning and serving them. If you wish to acquire this wisdom, you should attend upon holy men with heart and soul (161-165).

You can enter their home of wisdom through the threshold of service. You should win their confidence by attending upon them. You should fall at their feet with body, mind and soul and enter their service without pride. Then they will tell you, when questioned, whatever you wish to know. When your mind becomes enlightened, it will not succumb to desire.

35. Knowing thus, you will not be confused, O Arjuna, ever again. Then you will realise, without exception, all beings within yourself and Me. When your mind becomes enlightened with their instruction, it will become fearless, and, without doubt, worthy of Brahman. Then you will always see all creatures along with yourself in Me (166-170).

When you win the favour of your good teacher, O Partha, then wisdom will dawn upon you and dispel the darkness of delusion.