Gyaneshwari 116

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



32. Thus sacrifices of many kinds are offered in the mouth of Brahman. Know that all of them spring from action; knowing this, you shall be free. So I have told you a variety of sacrifices, which have been described well at great length in the Vedas. But what have we to do with their detailed description? When we know that they depend on action, they cease to bind us.

33. The knowledge-sacrifice is superior to any material sacrifice, O chastiser of foes. For all works without any exception culminate in wisdom. O Arjuna, all the gross rites, which have their origin in the Vedas, lead to the extra-ordinary result of a happy life in heaven. But they are all material sacrifices, which cannot compare with knowledge-sacrifice, even as the abundant light of the stars cannot equal daylight. In order to achieve this treasure of Supreme bliss, the yogis do not forget to apply antimony of wisdom to their inner vision (156-160).

This wisdom is the culmination of his spiritual practices, the mine of inaction, and refuge of those hungry for bliss. Then activity becomes feeble, reason loses its zest, the senses forget their objects, the mind loses its essential nature, speech becomes silent and then the knowledge of Brahman is realised. When his dispassion does not limp, he loses his zest for discrimination, and without effort he becomes united with the Self.