Gyaneshwari 108

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



18. He who sees inaction in action and action in inaction is wise among men. He is a yogin, though he performs all actions. When a person, while performing actions, sees his inaction, and does not hanker after their fruits with attachment, and there is nothing else for which he is obliged to work, he knows truly what freedom from action means. A person should be recognised as enlightened, if he possesses the above traits, even if he performs actions well all the time (91-95).

Just as a person standing near water, sees his reflection in it and recognises himself without any misgiving to be different from it or just as a person moving in a boat sees the trees on the bank moving swiftly, but on close inspection knows that they are stationary, so even when he is performing actions without desiring their fruits, he knows that he is not the agent of those actions. And even as the motionless sun seems to go round the world, because of the sunrise and sunset, so a person knows himself to be inactive even while working. Though he appears to be an ordinary person, he is really not so, just as the reflection of the sun in the water is certainly not the sun (96-100).

He does not see the world while seeing, does nothing while doing, and does not enjoy even when he experiences sensuous enjoyments. Even though he wanders everywhere, he is motionless; because he has himself become one with the world.