Gyaneshwari 107

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



16. What is action? What is non-action? This has bewildered even the wise. I shall declare to you that action, by knowing which you will be free from evil. What is action? What is the characteristic of non-action (81- 85)?

Cogitating over it even the wise have become confused. Even as counterfeit coin appears genuine and deceives the eye, so even those who can create a new world by mere wish get involved in action through confused notion about non-action. In this matter let alone the ignorant, but even the wise are bewildered. So please listen to what I have to say about it.

17. One should know about action and about prohibited action; and one should know about non-action. Inscrutable is the course of action. By whatever this world naturally evolves, know that to be action. You should know this action thoroughly to start with. Whatever duty has been enjoined by the Vedas for the classes and stages of life, you should know it along with its fruit (86-90).

You should also know what is prohibited action. If a person knows it’s nature, he will not become entangled in it. This world depends on action, which is pervasive and profound. Let it be, now listen to the characteristics of an enlightened person.