Gyaneshwari 106

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



13. The four classes have been created by Me according to the division of qualities and actions. Yet know Me, their creator, to be immutable and not their agent. You should also bear in mind that I have created the four classes according to the division of qualities and actions. I have also so arranged that the actions will flow from the different qualities based on nature. Although men are all alike, they are naturally classified into four classes in the light of their qualities and actions. For this reason, O Partha, I am not the creator of this institution of four classes (76-80).

14. Actions do not defile me, as I do not desire their fruit. He who knows Me thus is not bound by his actions. Although these castes have originated from me, I am not their creator. Whoever knows this, is released from bondage.

15. With this knowledge the ancient seekers of release performed work. Therefore, work ye likewise, as the ancients did in former times. O Arjuna, those who sought release before, knowing this, performed actions. But even as roasted seeds when sown do not sprout, so all their actions become the means of liberation. Moreover, Arjuna, it is not proper for a wise man to construe what is action and what is nonaction according to his sweet will.