Gyaneshwari 104

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



9. He who knows truly thus My birth and work Divine, never comes after death to birth again, but comes unto Me, O Arjuna. Without loss of my birthlessness and in action, I take birth and carry on my work, Whoever knows this immutable nature of Mine becomes liberated. Even though he takes on a body, only his body moves and not he; he is not bound by it, and after death he attains to my state.

10. Many, freed from passion, fear and wrath and absorbed in Me have taken refuge in Me; and purified by knowledge and austerities, they have attained to My state. Those who do not grieve over past or future things are free from passion and do not succumb to anger (56-60).

They remain absorbed in me and live only to serve me, taking delight in the knowledge of the Self. They are the shining repositories of austerities, the abode of knowledge. They are the holy men, who purify even sacred places of pilgrimage. Such men reach my state without effort and abide in me; and there is no dividing screen between them and me. Tell me, if the brass does not turn black at any time, then who will care for gold and strive to acquire it? So those who have become emaciated by spiritual practices, and become purified by penance and knowledge, come to my state without doubt (61-65).