Gita Rahasya -Tilak 269

Karma Yoga Sastra -Tilak


In addition to this, there are other descriptions all differing from, each other in the Rg-Veda itself as to how the entire universe came into being out of one visible Element, e. g., : — in the beginning of the world, there was the Golden Embryo (hiranya- garbha), of which both death and immortality are shadows, and. It later on created the entire world [1] ; or, that, a Virata-formed Purusa existed at first, and from him the entire world was created by means of a sacrifice [2]: or, that there was apa (water) at first, and in that water Prajapati came into existence [3] ; or, that rta and satya first came into existence, and afterwards, darkness ; and after that, water (samudra), the year etc. came into existence [4]. These Fundamental Elements mentioned in the Rg-Veda have been later on referred to as follows :— (1) in the Taittiriya Brahmana, water has been referred to as the Fundamental Element as : "apo va idam agre salilam asit" [5], i. e., "all this was liquid water in the beginning"; (2) in the Taittirlyopanisad, asat has been mentioned as the Fundamental Element, as : "asad va idam agra asit" [6], i. e., "all this was asat in the beginning" ; (3) in the Chandogyopanisad, sat has been mentioned as the Fundamental

Element, as : "sad eua saumyedam agra asit" [7], i. e., "all this was sal in the beginning" ; or, (4) ether is said to be such Element, as : "akasah parayanam"[8], i. e., "ether was the root of everything" ; (5) in the Brhadaranyaka, death (mrtyu) is mentioned as the Fundamental Element, as : "naiveha kimcanagra asin mrtyunaivedam aurtam asit" [9], i. e., "in the beginning, there was nothing whatsoever ; every- thing was covered by death" ; and (6) in the Maitryupanisad, darkness (tamas) has been mentioned as the Fundamental Element, as : "tamo va idam agra asid ekam" [10], i. e., "this entire universe was in the beginning tamas ( tamoguni, darkness)", and sattva and rajas afterwards came into existence out of it. In the same way, the Manu-Smrti contains the following description of the commencement of the universe, consistent with these descriptions in the Vedas: —

asid idam tamodbhutam aprajnatam alaksanam I

apratarkyam avijneyam prasuptam iva sarvatah II


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