Gita Madhurya -Ramsukhdas 2

Gita Madhurya -Swami Ramsukhdas

Chapter I


The Panda's spent twelve years in exile and stayed for one year in an unknown place not to be recognised by anyone. After the expiry of this period they demanded half the kingdom as was promised to them earlier. But Duryodhana did not agree to give even as much land as a pin-point without the battle. Therefore the Pandavas with the consent of their mother Kunti, accepted the challenge. Thus both the Kauravas and the Pandavas decided to fight and started preparations for it.

Sage Vyasa had great affection for Dhrtarastra. So the sage said to him, "The battle and the destruction of Ksatriyas is inevitable. It can't be avoided. If you want to see the scene of the battle, I can endow you with intuitive vision so that you may see the scene from here." Dhrtarastra said, "I have been blind throughout my life. So now I don't want to see the massacre of my family. But I want to have true knowledge of the events of the war-front." Then sage Vyasa said, "I bestow on Sanjaya this faculty of intuitive knowledge, so that he may know, hear and see all the events of the war-front and relate them to you." Saying so Sage Vyasa bestowed on Sanjaya this faculty of intuitive knowledge. At that time both Now the question arises why Lord Krsna preached the gospel of the Oita to Atjuna at the time when both the armies were prepared to wage the war. The answer is that Lord Krsna preached him the gospel to do away with his grief.


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