Gita Madhurya -Ramsukhdas 116

Gita Madhurya -Swami Ramsukhdas

Chapter XIII


Now how to renounce relationship with Matter (Prakrti) (body)?

He, who sees that all actions are performed by Prakrti alone, loses the sense of doership and when he perceives the bodies of beings as rooted in Prakrti and emanating from Prakrti, that very moment he attains Brahma and has no affinity for Prakrti (Matter).(29-30)

Why does it so happen?

O Son of Kunti, because of being without beginning and without attributes, this spirit is nothing else than the imperishable Paramatma (Supreme Soul). It dwelling in the body neither acts nor is tainted viz., it is neither a doer nor an experiencer.(31)

How is it not contaminated (tainted)?

As the all-pervasive ether is not contaminated, by reason of its subtlety, so is the self seated everywhere in the body, not the least contaminated.(32)

How does the spirit not act, O Lord?

As the; One Sun illumines the whole world but has no doership of illumination, so does this Ksetrajna (spirit) without having doership illumines the whole Ksetra (Field). In this way those, who perceive with the eye of wisdom this distinction between Ksetra (Field) and Ksetrajna (Knower of the Field) and see themselves separate from Prakrti (Matter) and its evolutes, attain the Supreme Soul.(33-34)


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