Garga Samhita 1176

Garga Samhita

Canto Two : Chapter Eight

Shri Krishna-darshana-varnana
Description of Seeing Lord Krishna


Text 9

abhavan matarah sarva
gopyo gavo harer aho
ati-sneham ca vavridhe
purvato hi catur-gunam[1]

In this way all the gopis and cows became Krishna's mothers. Their love for their children became four times what it had been.



  1. abhavan -became; matarah -mothers; sarva -all; gopyah -the gopis; gavah -cows; hareh -of Krishna; ahah -Oh; ati-sneham -great love; ca -and; vavridhe -expanded; purvatah -than before; hi -indeed; catur-gunam -four times.

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