Garga Samhita 1113

Garga Samhita

Canto Two : Chapter Six

The Liberation of Aghasura


Text 3

durad yam parvatakaram
vikshya vrindavane vane
gopa jagmur mukhe tasya
vatsaih kritvanjali-dhvanim[1]

From afar they saw him, his body like a great mountain. Approaching, and clapping their hands, they entered his mouth with the calves.



  1. durat -from far away; yam -what; parvatakaram -the body of a mountain; vikshya -seeing; vrindavane -in Vrindavana; vane -forest; gopa -the gopas; jagmuh -went; mukhe -in the mouth; tasya -of him; vatsaih -with the calves; kritva -making; anjali -of the hands; dhvanim -the sound.

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