Garga Samhita 106

Garga Samhita

Canto One : Chapter Three

Description of the Lord's Appearance


Text 26

veda me vacanam vipra
mukham gavas tanur mama
angani devata yuyam
sadhavo hy asavo hridi[1]

The Vedas are My words. The brahmanas are My mouth. The cows are My body. You demigods are My limbs. My devotees are the life-breath in My heart.



  1. vedah- the Vedas; me- My; vacanam- word; vipras- the brahmanas; mukham- mouth; gavas- the cows; tanur- body; mama- My; angani- limbs; devatas- demigods; yuyam- you; sadhavo- the saintly devotees; hi- indeed; asavo- the breath; hridi- in the heart.

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