Dhamar is one of the talas used in Hindustani classical music. It is associated with the dhrupad style and typically played on the pakhawaj.

A style of singing called 'pakki-hori' is set to a rhythm of 14 beats known as 'dhamar' (taal). This is known as 'Dhamar'. A Dhrupad singer also masters Dhamar and it is sung right after Dhrupad. In fact, Dhamar is considered part and parcel of Dhrupad. It generally depicts incidents connected to Holi and romantic situations between Krishna and Radha.[1] A song in dhrupad style set to dhamar tala is also called a dhamar. The text of a dhamar concerns the antics of Krishna teasing the milkmaids during the Holi (hori) Spring Festival of colours. It is considered a relatively light and romantic musical form.


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