Devaki and Krishna

Aahuki, Aahuk’s sister was married in the land of Avanti. Aahuk had a daughter who had two sons named Devak and Ugrasen. Devak had four brave sons. They were Devvaan, Updev, Sudev and Devarkshak. They had seven sisters who were married to Vasudev by their father, Devak. Their names were Devaki, Shrutdeva, Yashoda, Shrutishrava, Shrideva, Updeva and Suroopa. Ugrasen had nine sons and Kansa was the eldest. Other eight were Nyagrodh, Sunama, Kank, Shanku, Subhu, Rashtrapal, Badhmushti and Sumushtik. They had five beautiful sisters – Kansaa, Kanswati, Surabhi, Rashtrapali and Kankaa. Like this Kukur Dynasty is explained up till Ugrasen along with his children.

Devaki in Chandogya Upanishad

Krishna’s mother is Devaki and father Vasudev. Devaki was Kansa’s sister. She was prisoned along with her husband by Kansa as some astrologer predicted that he will be killed by Devaki’s son. So Kansa killed all her sons, but at the time of Krishna, Vasudev took him to Nand-Yashoda’s place in Gokul during the night. Nothing more is mentioned about Devaki. Even in Chandogya Upanishad. Devaki’s son - Krishna (pupil of Aargiras)–is mentioned.

Daughter of Devak

Devaki was daughter of Devak (younger brother of Ugrasen, King of Mathura), wife of Vasudev and the real mother of Krishna. Other than this, Shaivya’s daughter, Yudhishthir’s wife and Udreeth Rishi’s wife is also mentioned Devaki in scripts. Though Devaki was Krishna’s real mother, she didn’t get much attention from Krishna devoted poets as compared to Yashoda. Devaki knew about Krishna’s supernatural character before he was born but still she worried about him after his birth. A glimpse of her motherly love is seen on this occasion. She pleads Vasudev to save Krishna. Other occurence of Devaki is when Krishna meets her in Mathura. Her lamentation stops only when she is reminded of Krishna’s power and when Balram tells her that he is the incarnation of Sheshnaag. That is why Devaki is less seen in the start of the story but in the end her love changes into devotion and worship for Krishna. She requests Krishna to let her live in Gokul.

All the characters in Krishna’s story were born cursed. Kashyap borrowed Kamdhenu from Varun but didn’t return her and so due to the curse from Varun, he was the hersman, Gwale. Diti and Aditi are believed to be Daksh's daughters in Devi Bhagwat. Indra , Aditi’s son, inspired by her mother,destroyed Diti’s embryo into 49 parts. In anger Diti cursed Aditi that the way she conspired to kill her baby Aditi will be born on Earth and will see her babies die many times. And so she was born as Devaki – (Devi Bhagwat).