Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 23:141-150

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Tilakottamä-bali-putrayor brahma-çäpa-prastäva

Bali's Son and Tilakottamä Are Cursed by a Brähmana

Chapter 23: Verse 141-150



141.Speaking these words, and weeping, she took shelter of the sage. Without first facing calamity no one gains wisdom in this world.

142.Seeing their distress, the great sage became merciful. O sage, reassuring them, he spoke.

143.Çri Durväsä said: O demon, my curse is actually a blessing. fame and infamy are both born from one's previous deeds.

144.You were born in a saintly family, the son of King Bali, who is a great devotee of Lord Viñëu. In truth you are also a great devotee of Lord Viñnu, greater than even your father himself. I know you well.

145.A father's nature is inherited by his family in the same way Lord Kåñëa's footprints are borne on the heads of all in Käliya's family.

146.Child, after taking birth as an ass you will attain liberation. A devotee's worship of Lord Kåñëa never goes in vain.

147.At once go to Tälavana, a part of Våndävana near the village of Vraja. You will be killed by Lord Kåñëa's cakra and then you will attain liberation.

148.Tilottamä, you will take birth on the earth as the daughter of Bäëäsura. You will embrace Lord Kåñëa's grandson and then you will return here again.

149.O great sage, after speaking these words Durväsä Muni became silent. Sähasika and Tilottamä bowed before the sage and went to their places.

150.Thus I have recounted the entire story of the demon that took birth as an ass and the girl Tilottamä, who took birth as Uñä, the daughter of Bäëäsura and the lover of Aniruddha.



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