Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 21:161-170

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Çryäga-bi Indra-haïjana

Breaking the Indra-yajïa

Chapter 21: Verse 161-170



161.Lord Kåñëa said: Whom do you, so anxious, praise? Who is this Indra? Abandon your fears. I am here. In half a moment I can easily burn Indra to ashes.

162.Place the frightened cows, calves, boys, and women under Govardhana Hill. Abandon your fears.

163.Then Lord Kåñëa lifted Govardhana Hill as if it were a twig. Nanda did what he heard Kåñëa say.

164.The sky was suddenly effulgent with jewel-light and the next moment a dust storm brought blinding darkness.

165.O sage, clouds and winds covered the sky in Våndävana. Then came a great rain that would not stop.

166.Hail, lightning, and fearful fiery comets fell on the hill and ricocheted far away.

167.O sage, everything was a failure, like the efforts of an atheist. Seeing his failure, Indra became angry.

168.Then Indra picked up his infallible lightning bolt. Seeing Indra, lightning bolt in hand, Lord Kåñëa laughed.

169.Then Lord Kåñëa stunned the terrible lightning-bolt and the hand holding it, making them numb and motionless. He also stunned the clouds and the winds.

170.Everything stood motionless, like a line of wooden puppets leaning against a wall. Then Lord Kåñëa made Indra very sleepy. Indra yawned.



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