Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 21:1-10

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Çryäga-bi Indra-haïjana

Breaking the Indra-yajïa

Chapter 21: Verse 1-10



1.Çri Näräyaëa Åñi said: One day the gopa Nanda, intending to offer a yajïa to the demigod Indra, had a drummer sound a dundubhi drum.

2.-3.Nanda proclaimed: All the brähmaëas, kñatriyas, vaiçyas and çüdras in this village must devotedly worship the demigod Indra with offerings of yogurt, milk, ghee, buttermilk, butter, molasses, and honey.

4.After saying this, cheerful Nanda placed a great pole in a beautiful and broad place.

5.There he erected a beautiful silken tent decorated with flowers and anointed with sandal, aguru, musk, and kuìkuma.

6.Then performed his daily duties, bathed, dressed in clean garments, washed his lotus feet, and sat on a golden throne.

7.-8.Accompanied by many brähmana priests, gopas, gopis, boys, and girls, and bringing many cups, ritual ingredients, and offerings, the village people came to that place.

9.Many great sages shining with spiritual splendor, who had traveled to the farther shore of the Vedas and Vedäìgas, came with their disciples.

10.Garga, Galava, Sakalya, Çakaöayana, Gautama, Karatha, Kanva, Vatsya, Katyayana, . . .



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