Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 20:31-40

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Stealing the Calves

Chapter 20: Verse 31-40



31.Then he chanted the eleven-syllable mantra Lord Kåñëa gave him in ancient times.

32.Chanting for forty-five minutes and meditating on the Lord's lotus feet, he saw a spiritual effulgence in the lotus of his heart.

33.At the center of that effulgence he saw a very handsome two- armed person dressed in yellow garments, holding a flute, . . .

34. . . . with glittering shark-earrings, a gently smiling cheerful face, and a handsome form dark like a monsoon cloud, a person overwhelmed with kindness for His devotees, . . .

35.. . . a person present in all living entities, untouched by matter, the witness of all, self-satisfied, His desires all fulfilled, a person who was all-pervading, a person who was the master of the universes, . . .

36.. . . an eternal person who could assume any form at will, who was the master of all, the seed of all, the resting place of all, the best of all, and the master of all potencies, . . .

37. . . . a person who was the Deity to be worshiped by all, the guru of all, the source of all that is auspicious, the form of all sacred mantras, the giver of all good-fortune, and the best of all.

38.Gazing at the most wonderful Supreme Personality of Godhead, and seeing Him in his heart, in the brahma-randhra, and outside also, the demigod Brahmä glorified Him with prayers.

39.Humbly bowing his head, Brahmä recited the prayers Lord Kåñëa had taught him on the great ocean.

40.Çri Brahmä said: I offer my respectful obeisances to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who can assume any form at will, who is the master of all, and the cause of all causes, whom no one can completely describe, and who has the form of a young boy.



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