Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 20:11-20

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Stealing the Calves

Chapter 20: Verse 11-20



11. . . . who was more handsome than millions of Kämadevas, who was splendid, playful, and charming, whose limbs were anointed with sandal, aguru, musk, and kuìkuma, . . .

12.. . . who was splendid with pärijäta garlands and a crown of peacock feathers and jasmine flowers, . . .

13.. . . whose splendid handsomeness was an ornament decorating the ornaments He wore, who was dark like a new monsoon cloud, who was in the full bloom of youth, . . .

14. . . . the glory of whose handsome face robbed the autumn moon of its splendor, whose lips were ripe bimba fruits, whose nose was the bird-king's beak, . . .

15.. . . whose eyes robbed the midday autumn lotus flowers of their glory, whose charming teeth eclipsed the pearls, . . .

16. . . . whose chest was splendid with Kaustubha, the king of jewels, who was Çri Rädhä's peaceful beloved, and who was the Perfect Original Supreme Personality of Godhead.

17.Gazing at the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the demigod Brahmä became filled with wonder. He bowed down. He gazed at the Lord again and again. He bowed down before Him again and again.

18.In his heart the demigod Brahmä saw that form of Lord Kåñna. Outside his heart he also saw that form. He saw that form in front, behind, and on every side.

19. Then he saw that everything in Våndävana forest was Kåñëa. Brahmä stood there, meditating again and again on Lord Kåñëa's form.

20. Brahmä saw that the cows, calves, boys, vines, bushes, plants, and everything else in Våndävana forest had become the dark form of Lord Kåñëa.



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