Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 1:1-12

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Sri Krsna-pada-padma-prapti-sopanam
The Stairway to Sri Krsna’s Lotus Feet

Chapter 1 : Verse 1-12



1.Sri Narada said: O brahmana, first I heard the beautiful and very wonderful Brahma-khanda from Brahma’s mouth.

2.Then, by his command, I came to you and heard the Prakrti-khanda, which is sweeter than nectar.

3.Now, unsatisfied even by hearing the Ganapati-khanda, which breaks the cycle of repeated birth, my heart yearns to hear a certain thing.

4.(4-7)To me, a devotee and your surrendered disciple, please elaborately narrate the Sri Krsna-janma-khanda, which breaks the cycle of birth and death for all truths, which ends fruitive work, brings devotional service to Lord Hari, at once creates renunciation, cures the disease of repeated birth and death, plants the seed of liberation, is a boat to cross the ocean of repeated birth and death, is a medicine to cure the disease of trying to enjoy the fruits of work, is a stairway leading to Sri Krsna’s lotus feet, and is the life of the Vaisnavas and the purifier of the worlds.

8.By whose request did Lord Krsna, the most perfect and complete original Supreme Personality of Godhead come, accompanied by all His amsa incarnations, to the surface of the earth?

9.In what yuga, for what reason, and in what place did He appear? Who is His father, Vasudeva? Who is Devaki?

10.Please tell in what family, with Yogamaya’s aid expertly imitating the actions of ordinary men, He took birth? When He came what did He do? In what form did Lord Hari appear?

11.Afraid of Kamsa, He left the maternity room and went to Gokula. O sage, why was the fearless Supreme Person afraid of Kamsa, who was insignificant as a worm or an insect?

12.Dressed as a cowherd boy, what did Lord Hari do in Gokula? Why did the master of the universes enjoy pastimes with cowherd girls?



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