Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 19:81-90

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Subduing Käliya and Extinguishing the Forest Fire

Chapter 19: Verse 81-90



81.O Lord, I attained Your mantra from Lord Çeña. Since then I have always meditated on You. Now, by Your mercy, I have become part of Your family.

82. Aware that I was immature in devotional service, the advanced devotee Garuòa was able to insult me and force me to go far from my home.

83.O giver of boons, please give me advanced devotion. In that way Garuòa will be an advanced devotee and I will be an equally advanced devotee. Then Garuòa will not able to eat me.

84.When he sees Your lotus footprint on my head he will leave me in peace, not considering whether I have virtues or faults.

85.O Lord, now the snake-kings are under my control, and I am free of their control. Whom, except for my master, Lord Çeña, need I fear?

86.The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whom the demigods, the kings of the demigods, the sages, the manus, and the humans cannot see, even in meditation or in dream, has now come before my eyes.

87.O almighty Lord, out of kindness to Your devotees You show them Your transcendental form. You have a transcendental form and transcendental qualities, and then again, in Your impersonal aspect, You have neither form nor qualities.

88.You are supremely independent. Your desires are all fulfilled. You are the resting-place of all and the seed from which all has come. You are eternal. You are the master of all. You are the witness of all. You are the Supersoul in everyone's heart. You have the power to appear in any form You wish.

89.Brahmä, Çiva, Çeña, Yamaräja, Indra, and the philosophers who have traveled to the farther shore of the Vedas and Vedäìgas become speechless when they try to praise the Supreme Personality of Godhead. How can I, a snake, praise Him properly?

90.O master, O ocean of mercy, O friend of the poor, please forgive me. I am very fallen and wretched. Because I am a fool and a demon, I chewed and swallowed You.



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