Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 19:51-60

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Subduing Käliya and Extinguishing the Forest Fire

Chapter 19: Verse 51-60



51.O Kåñëa, I do not wish the four kinds of liberation that begin with sälokya. Liberation is not equal to one sixteenth the value of service to Your lotus feet.

52.One who, after taking birth in this world desires a boon other than service to Your lotus feet is cheated.

53.Hearing the snake-queen's words, glorious Lord Kåñëa became happy and His lotus face began to smile.

54.O sage, a splendid jewel chariot suddenly arrived at that place, . . .

55.. . . a beautiful chariot with a hundred wheels, fast like the wind or the mind, decorated with curtains and flowers, and filled with the liberated associates of the Lord.

56.Descending from the chariot, the dark servants of the Lord bowed down before Lord Kåñëa. Taking the snake-queen with them, they went to Goloka, the highest place in the spiritual world.

57.Then Lord Kåñëa created a shadow form of the snake-queen and gave it to the Käliya snake. Bewildered by the Lord's mäyä potency, the snake did not understand anything of that.

58.Descending from the snake's head, Lord Kåñëa, who is an ocean of kindness, kindly touched it with His hand.

59.Regaining consciousness, the snake saw before him Lord Kåñëa and saintly Subalä, her hands folded and her eyes filled with tears.

60.Overwhelmed with feelings of love, his eyes filled with tears and the hairs of his body erect, the snake bowed down before Lord Kåñëa with great devotion.



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