Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 19:111-120

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Subduing Käliya and Extinguishing the Forest Fire

Chapter 19: Verse 111-120



111.Then Dharma Muni, who is an ocean of mercy, repeated that wonderful story. It was there that I heard it. O brähmaëa, please listen, and I will tell it to you.

112.-113.By Lord Çeña's order, every year, at Puñkara-tirtha, on the full-moon day of the month of Kärttika, the snakes carefully bathe and with devotion and awe, fearfully worship Garuòa with flowers, incense, lamps, foods, and many offerings.

114.Very proud, Käliya would not participate in the worship. Indeed, he wanted to forcibly devour the offering.

115.The snakes appealed to Käliya. Then they tried to stop him by force. They could not stop him. Then Garuòa came.

116.Seeing Garuòa, the snakes fought with him to protect Käliya. O sage, they fought until sunrise.

117.Defeated by Garuòa's great power, the snakes fled to Lord Çeña, their protector, who can remove their fears.

118.Seeing the snakes flee, fearless Käliya stood his ground and stared at Garuòa. In truth Käliya was a sincere devotee of Lord Kåñëa, who is an ocean of mercy.

119.His thoughts fixed on Lord Kåñëa's lotus feet, Käliya fought Garuòa. For forty-five minutes they fought a terrible duel.

120.Finally defeated by Garuòa's superior strength, Käliya fled to a lake in the Yamunä.



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