Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 19:11-20

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Subduing Käliya and Extinguishing the Forest Fire

Chapter 19: Verse 11-20



11.His throat and stomach burned by the Lord's spiritual power, the snake, now on the verge of death, vomited up Lord Kåñëa.

12.When it tried to bite the Lord, the snake broke its fangs and its mouth. Its mouth became red with its own blood. Then the Lord jumped on the snake's head.

13.O sage, defeated by the Lord who maintains all the universes, the snake was on the verge of death. Vomiting blood, the snake fell unconscious.

14.Seeing Käliya had fallen unconscious, the other snakes, who dearly loved him, wept. Some fled in fear, and some entered their holes.

15.Seeing their husband on the verge of death, chaste Subalä, accompanied by the Käliya's other wives, approached Lord Kåñëa and wept, overcome with love.

16.Frightened, and her hands respectfully folded, she touched Lord Kåñëa's lotus feet and spoke.

17.Çri Subalä said: O most dear person in the universe, please return my husband. O most honorable one, please honor my request. For a woman her husband is more dear than life. No one is a greater friend than he.

18.O master of the great demigods, please don't kill the master of my life. O limitless one, O friend, O ocean of love, O friend of all the worlds, O ocean of love for Çri Rädhä, O creator of the creator, please give me the gift of my husband's return.

19.Çiva, Brahmä, Çeña, Kärttikeya, and their associates become speechless when they try to glorify You. Sarasvati has not the power to glorify You. All the Vedas have not the power to glorify You. How can others, saintly though they may be, have the power to glorify You properly?




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