Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 18:81-90

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Delivering the Wives of the Brähmanas

Chapter 18: Verse 81-90



81.As the wives cooked over a fire, Agni, his mind destroyed by lust, from far away touched their limbs through the flames.

82.The chaste wives, their hearts and minds placed at their husbands' lotus feet, did not understand what was happening. Bewildered with lust, Agni stared at them and touched them again and again through the flames.

83.Understanding Agni's mind, powerful Aìgirä Muni cursed him, saying, Now you must eat everything".

84.Coming to his senses, Agni begged the sage for mercy. His head bowed with shame, Agni trembled to think of the brähmana's power.

85.The angry sage then cursed the wives that had been touched by an outsider. He said, Sinful women, go and take birth as human beings!"

86.Take birth in brähmanas' homes. Respectable brähmanas born in our family will marry you."

87.Hearing the sage's words, the loving wives wept. Folding their hands, they all spoke to him, the best of the wise.

88.The sage's wives said: O best of sages, please don't abandon us. We are sinless and chaste. We did not know we were being touched by an outsider. You should not abandon us.

89.You should not punish us, your devoted servants. When will we see your lotus feet again?

90.O sage, for a chaste wife separation from her dear husband is an unbearable suffering, more terrible than being cut by swords, struck by lightning, or tortured in every way.



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