Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 18:121-131

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Delivering the Wives of the Brähmanas

Chapter 18: Verse 121-131



121.Employing His Yogamäyä potency, Lord Kåñna will create shadow duplicates of your forms. These shadows will go to your homes. They will stay in the brähmanas' homes.

122.Then, by your partial expansions, you will again become our wives. Of this there is no doubt. In this way our curse has become the best of blessings.

123.After speaking these words, the grief-stricken sage became silent. By his curse, the women went to the earth and became the wives of brähmanas.

124.With devotion they offered food to Lord Kåñna and then they went to Lord Kåñna's abode. In this way the curse became better than a blessing.

125.A great soul's curse is better than a sinner's blessing. Even the anger of great devotees brings a great good fortune.

126.Without calamity first, how can there be glory in this world? Even though rejected by their husbands, the brähmaëas' wives attained liberation.

127.Thus I have described Lord Kåñëa's transcendental pastimes and the beautiful story of how some saintly women attained liberation.

128.O king of brähmaëas, the history of Lord Kåñna’s pastimes is new and fresh at every step. They who hear it never become jaded and tired. How can one tire of what is the very best?

129.I have repeated what I heard from my guru's mouth. Tell me what is your wish. What more do you wish to hear?

130.Çri Närada said: O guru of the universe, O ocean of mercy, please tell me Lord Kåñëa's auspicious pastimes as you heard them from your guru's mouth.

131.Çri Süta said: Hearing Närada Muni's words, Çri Näräyaëa Åñi continued to narrate Lord Kåñëa's incomparable glories.



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