Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 17:62-70

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Çri Våndävana-nagara-varnana

Description of Çri Våndävana

Chapter 17: Verse 62-70



62.Placing the corpse on his own lap, the powerful demigod Brahmä also wept.

63.Then wise Brahmä, with his great wisdom sprinkling water from his kamandalu, revived the corpse.

64.His life restored, the king was now handsome like Kämadeva. Seeing Brahmä before him, he bowed down to offer respect.

65.Pleased with him, Brahmä said, Please ask a boon, whatever you wish." Hearing Brahmä's words, the king asked for liberation.

66.An ocean of mercy, gloriously handsome Lord Brahmä, his lotus face happily smiling, was about to give the boon when, . . .

67. . . . saintly Kalävati, thinking of what was about to happen, became frightened and spoke to him.

68.Çri Kalävati said: O Brahmä born from a lotus flower, if you give liberation to this king, then what will be the fate of me, a weak woman?

69.O four-faced one, how can a wife be happy without her beloved husband? The Vedas proclaim that a wife's duty is to serve her husband.

70.For a chaste wife her husband is her guru, deity, austerity, religion, and master. No friend is more dear than her husband.



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