Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 17:191-200

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Çri Våndävana-nagara-varnana

Description of Çri Våndävana

Chapter 17: Verse 191-200



191. Everything was exactly as the saintly people of Vraja wished. This is not surprising, for the city was build by the Supreme Personality of Godhead's order.

192.In this way I have described Lord Kåñna's auspicious pastimes, which bring happiness and remove sins. What more do you wish to hear?

193.Çri Närada said: Why is the forest on the earth named Våndävana? What is the derivation of this name? O knower of the truth, please tell.

194.Çri Närada said: Hearing, Närada's words, Çri Näräyana Åñi happily smiled and told the ancient story explaining this.

195.Çri Näräyana Åñi said: During the satya-yuga a saintly king named Kedära ruled the seven continents.

196.He lived happily with his wives, children, and grandchildren. Following religious principles, he protected the citizens as if they were his own children.

197.Although he performed a hundred yajïas, he did not wish the post of Indra. Although he performed many pious deeds, he did not wish to enjoy the benefits they brought.

198.All regulary and occasional duties he did to please Lord Kåñna. There never was, nor will there be again another king like Kedära.

199.On the instruction of Jaigiñavya Muni leaving his kingdom and his wives, who were the most beautiful in the three worlds, in the care of his sons, he went to the forest to perform austerities.

200.O sage, the Sudarçana-cakra always stays near a pure devotee that always meditates on Lord Kåñna.



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