Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 17:121-130

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Çri Våndävana-nagara-varnana

Description of Çri Våndävana

Chapter 17: Verse 121-130



121. Wearing splendid garments and jewel ornaments, she walked on the royal road like a graceful elephant.

122.As he was happily going on pilgrimage, King Nanda saw her on the road. Even though he was wise and in control of his senses, he was struck by her beauty.

123. Awed, he respectfully asked the travelers on the road, Whose daughter is she?" One person said to him:

124.She is the daughter of King Bhanandana and her name is Kalävati. She is an incarntion of Goddess Lakñmi born in the royal palace.

125.Now she is happily going to a friend's house to play. O king of Vraja, now you may return to the land of Vraja." After speaking these words, the person left.

126.Happy at heart, Nanda went to the king's palace. Descending from his chariot, he quickly entered the royal assembly.

127.The king at once rose, greeted Nanda, and offered him a seat on a golden throne.

128.They talked about many things. Finally Nanda respectfully spoke of a marriage.

129.Çri Nanda said: O king, please listen, and I will speak words that are very auspicious. This is the time when you should give your daughter away in marriage.

130.Surabhänu's son Våñabhänu is one of the kings of Vraja. He is wealthy, handsome, virtuous, and very learned. He is a partial incarnation of Lord Näräyana.



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