Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 17:101-110

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Çri Våndävana-nagara-varnana

Description of Çri Våndävana

Chapter 17: Verse 101-110



101.Çri Brahmä said: Child, I will not give liberation to your husband without giving it also to you. However, at this time I do not have the power to give liberation to both him and you.

102.O mother, all saintly persons agree that one cannot attain liberation until all his past karma is used up.

103.O saintly one, enjoy with your husband for some years in the world of Svargaloka. Then you will both take birth on the earth.

104.Saintly Rädhä will be your daughter. In that life you will both become liberated. Along with Rädhä, you two will go to the world of Goloka.

105.O best of kings, please enjoy for some time with your wife. O saintly woman in the mode of goodness, there is no need for you to curse me.

106.Saintly devotees are already liberated even as they live in the material world. Their hearts placed at Lord Kåñna's lotus feet, they wish only to serve Him. They do not wish for liberation.

107.After speaking these words, Brahmä stood up. The king and his wife bowed down before him and left, and then Brahmä returned to his own abode.

108.After enjoying for some years in Svargaloka, Sucandra and Kalävati came to the earth. They came to a very sacred and spiritual place, a place even Brahmä and the demigods yearn to attain.

109.In the land of Gokula Sucandra took birth as Våñabhänu, in the womb of Padmävati, begotten by Sürabhänu.

110.He was a partial incarnation of Lord Kåñna. He remembered his previous birth. As the waxing moon grows, every day he grew. He became one of the kings of Vraja.



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