Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 16:171-179

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Killing of Baka, Kesi, and Pralamba, and the journey to Vrndavana

Chapter 16: Verse 171-179



171.O sage, millions and millions of beautiful gopi went on palanquins, millions and millions on horseback, and millions and millions on chariots.

172.Millions and millions of carts and bulls carried a great host of possessions.

173.Millions of horses, camels, birds, and elephants bearing rider holding goads, went to Vrndavana forest.

174.O sage, arriving in Vrndavana, and seeing neither people nor houses, everyone stayed under the roots of trees or whatever they could find a suitable place.

175.Lord Krsna said to the gopas: O people, please hear My words. In this place there are many beautiful houses.

176.Lord Krsna said: In this place many houses built by the demigods are hidden. Without first pleasing the demigods, no one can see them.

177.O gopas, stop here and worship the goddess of this forest. In the morning you will happily see many beautiful houses.

178.With abundance incense, lamps, flowers, sandal pate, and offerings of food, worship Goddess Parvati, who stays at the root of a banyan tree.

179.Hearing these words, the gopas worshipped the goddess, ate their supper, and then happily slept at night.



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