Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 16:151-160

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Killing of Baka, Kesi, and Pralamba, and the journey to Vrndavana

Chapter 16: Verse 151-160



151.Hearing Nanda’s order, the gopas, gopis, boy and girls, all prepared to leave.

152.Dressed in many colourful garment, accompanied by Krsna and Balarama, and happily singing Krsna’s glories, as they went, they travelled to Vrndavana forest.

153.Some played flutes and others played vinas, karatalas, and conchshells.

154.Some played horns and others played other musical instruments. Some gopa boy decorated their ears with new leaves.

155.Some decorated their ears with flower buds and some with blossomed flower. Some wore leaf-crowns and some flower-crowns.

156.Some wore forest-flower garlands and others wore garlands reaching their knees. O king of brahmanas, in this way there were ninety million gopa boys.

157.Millions and millions of adult gopis and millions of elderly gopis with broad hips and moving breasts happily travelled in that journey.

158.O sage, wearing splendid garments and many ornaments, Radha’s beautiful, smiling, and virtuous young gopi friends happily travelled in that journey.

159.Some rode on palanquins and some on chariots. Radha rode on a chariot of gold.

160.Nanda, Sunanda, Sridama, Giribhanu, Vibhakara, Virabhanu and Candrabhanu happily rode on elephants.



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