Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 16:121-130

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Killing of Baka, Kesi, and Pralamba, and the journey to Vrndavana

Chapter 16: Verse 121-130



121.O master, worshipping Lord Krsna brings all auspiciousness. Worshipping others, giving charity, studying the Vedas, going in pilgrimage, and circumambulating the earth are not equal to one sixteenth the value of worshipping Lord Krsna.

122.A person who, seeing Him within and without, remembers Lord Krsna at every moment, is liberated even while living in this world. Simply by seeing him, one attains liberation.

123.The dust of his lotus feet purifies the earth. The sight of him purifies the three worlds.

124.By meditating again and again on Lord Krsna’s lotus feet, Brahma, Visnu, Yamaraja, Sesa, Ganesa, and you have become glorious like Him.

125.One who always meditates on Lord Krsna attains Him. He attains virtues, power, glory, intelligence, and knowledge like His.

126.By remembering Lord Krsna, meditating on Him, performing austerities for His sake, and serving Him, I have attained an exalted husband like Him.

127.In this way I have attained a very virtuous husband and sons. I have attained everything very easily. The desires of my heart are all fulfilled.

128.In this way I have attained a husband like you, sons like Karttikeya and Ganesa, and a father like King Himalaya, who is an incarnation of Lord Krsna Himself.

129.Women are proud of their husband, children, and father. How did I attain three such exalted relatives? How?

130.Hearing Parvati’s words, Lord Siva became very pleased. Smiling, and the hairs of his body erect, he spoke sweet words.



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