Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 15:51-60

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Sri Radha-Krsna-vivaha

The Wedding of Sri Radha-Krsna

Chapter 15: Verse 51-60



51. ...who was embraced by a jasmine garland, who wore a triple crown of peacock feathers, and who was looking at the jewel palace.

52.Noticing that there was no longer any infant on Her lap, Radha gazed at the youth before Her. Even though She remembered everything perfectly, She was still filled with wonder.

53.Gazing at this handsome form, Radha became bewildered with passionate love. The two cakora birds of Her eyes happily gazed at the moon of this person’s face.

54.Radha gazed at Him with unblinking eyes. The hairs of Her body stood up. She smiled. Tormented with amorous desires, She yearned to embrace Him.

55.As passionate Radha, Her lotus face smiling, gazed at Him, Lord Krsna spoke to Her.

56.Sri Krsna said: O Radha, You must remember what happened in Goloka. O beloved, now I will fulfil the promise I made to You.

57.O Radha, O girl with the beautiful face, I love You more than anyone. You are identical with Me. We are not different.

58.As whiteness is always present in milk, as heat is always present in fire, and as fragrance is always present in earth, so I am always present in You.

59.-60.AS without clay a potter cannot make a pot and without gold a goldsmith cannot make a golden earrings, so without You I cannot create the world. You are the place where the world rests and I am the perfect seed from which it sprouts.



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