Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 14:41-50

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Breaking of the Arjuna Tree

Chapter 14: Verse 41-50



41. ...colourful jewel necklaces, flower garlands, sindura dots, and a network of tinkling ornaments,...

42. ...and he also glanced at Nalakuvara, who was so rapt in amorous pleasures that he did not stand up to offer respects to the sage. The great sage said to him, “Sinner, become a tree!”

43.Then he cursed lusty Rambha, “Become a human woman! You will become Janmejaya’s beautiful wife.”

44.To Nalakuvara he said, “Go to Gokula and become a tree. When Lord Krsna touches you, you may return home.”

45.To Rambha he said, “O Rambha, when you enjoy with Indra, you may also return to your home.” After speaking these words, the sage returned to his asrama.

46.In this way Nalakuvara, the handsome and glorious son of Kuvera was able to return to his home. I have told you that story, now I will tell you the story of Rambha.

47.Rambha took birth on the earth in King Sucandra’s house. She was his very beautiful daughter. She was like Goddess Laksmi personified.

48.With great ceremony the great king Sucandra gave his opulently decorated daughter in marriage to King Janmejaya.

49.She became the beautiful first queen of King Janmejaya. In many secluded places he enjoyed with her again and again.

50.One day the king began an asvamedha-yajna. Indra at once stole the horse and rode to the palace.



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