Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 14:21-30

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Breaking of the Arjuna Tree

Chapter 14: Verse 21-30



21.O cruel one, for the sake of some milk products you tied your son to the base of a tree. Then you went about your household duties. Then, by destiny, the tree fell.

22.Fortunately, your boy survived the tree’s fall. Fool, if He had died, what would be the use of all your wealth?

23.After speaking these words to her, everyone returned to their own homes. Then Nanda, his eyes now red lotus flowers, spoke to his wife.

24.Sri Nanda said: Carrying my son around my neck, I will go on pilgrimage. Please leave my home. What need have I for you?

25.A pond is better than a hundred wells. A lake is better than a hundred ponds. A yana is better than a hundred lakes. A son is better than a hundred yajnas.

26.Pious deeds, such as austerity and charity, bring happiness in the next life. A good son, however, brings happiness in both this life and the next.

27.Every man loves his wife, but a wife is an iron chain of material desires. She is illusion personified. She is a basket of dear illusions.

28.A son is more dear than a wife. A son is more dear than life itself. There never was, now will there ever be any relative more dear than a son.

29.After speaking these words to his wife, Nanda stayed in his palace and did not leave for pilgrimage. Yasoda and Rohini became very diligent in their household duties.

30.Sri Narada said: Who was the opulently dressed person that had thus assumed the form of a tree? O Lord, how did he become a tree?



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