Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 13:231-244

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Sri Krsnanna-prasana-nama-karana-prastava

Sri Krsna’s Anna-prasana and Nama-karana

Chapter 13: Verse 231-244



231.Staying in a palace opulent like Kuvera’s, Nanda and Yasoda happily held infant Krsna to their chest.

232.Like two slowly waxing moons, the two boys, Krsna and Balarama, grew day by day. Happily holding a cow’s tail or a wall, They began to stand up straight.

233.O sage, crawling about in the courtyard, and now able to speak with broken words, day after day the two boys delighted Their parents.

234.Soon Krsna could crawl through the house and courtyard and Balarama could walk with His legs.

235.Balarama was one year older than Krsna. Day after day crawling in the courtyard, the boys delighted Their parents more and more.

236.Soon the two Supreme Lords, now accepting the role of small boys, could easily walk in the village of Vraja and easily speak distinct words.

237.O sage, Garga Muni went to Vasudeva’s palace in Mathura. Vasudeva devotedly bowed before the sage and asked about the welfare of Krsna and Balarama.

238.Garga Muni told him the boys were well and happy and then described the great anna-prasana festival. Hearing all this, Vasudeva became plunged into an ocean of tears of joy.

239.Filled with happiness and love, Devaki asked again and again. Plunged in an ocean of tears of joy, she wept again and again.

240.Garga Muni blessed them and then returned home. Staying in their palace opulent like Kuvera’s own abode, Vasudeva and Devaki became very happy.

241.O Narada, in a previous kalpa you were the great gandharva Upabarhana, the husband of fifty beautiful wives.

242.Youthful and expert at amorous pastimes, you were more dear than life to them. Then, by the curse of the demigod Brahma, you became the son of a brahmana and a servant girl.

243.By eating the remnants of food left by the Vaisnavas, you became the son of the demigod Brahma. Now, because of your service to Lord Krsna, you have the power to see everything, know everything, and remember your past births.

244.Thus I have described to you the pastime of Lord Krsna’s anna-prasana ceremony. This description rescues on from the world of birth, death, and old-age.



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