Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 13:221-230

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Sri Krsnanna-prasana-nama-karana-prastava

Sri Krsna’s Anna-prasana and Nama-karana

Chapter 13: Verse 221-130



221.As Garga Muni and disciples were about to depart, Nanda, the gopas, and the gopis began to weep.

222.O sage, they all affectionately and humbly bowed before Garga Muni, who blessed them all, and then happily returned to Mathura.

223.Happy at heart and now very wealthy by Nanda’s charity, the rsis, munis, gopas, and guests returned to their homes.

224.Taking with them many candies, horses, golden ornaments, and other gifts from Nanda, the poets also returned to their homes.

225.Filled to their necks with delicious foods, and carrying heavy burdens of many valuable gifts, the happy sannyasis could barely walk.

226.Some walked very slowly, some rested on the ground, some stopped on the road, and some stood up and began walking again.

227.Some danced, some sang, and some recited poems composed in ancient times.

228.Some recited the histories of great kings like Marutta, Sveta, Sagara, Mandhata, Uttanapada, Nahusa, Nala, and the histories of Lord Rama’s asvamedha-yajna and Rantideva’s many pious deeds.

229.Some repeated the stories of these kings, stories heard from the mouths of their elders, and others carefully listened.

230.They travelled, stopped, slept, and travelled again. In this way, after many days, the happy pilgrims all returned to their own homes.



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