Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 13:201-210

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Sri Krsnanna-prasana-nama-karana-prastava

Sri Krsna’s Anna-prasana and Nama-karana

Chapter 13: Verse 201-210



201.By serving Your lotus feet, Brahma became the creator of the universe. O Lord, in each of his days fourteen Indras live out their lives and finally perish.

202.By serving Your feet, Yamaraja became the witness of all deeds, the protector, the giver of results, and the victor that defeated invincible time.

203.By serving Your lotus feet, thousand-headed Lord Sesa became able to carry the earth and all the planets on His head as if they were all a single mustard seed.

204.Laksmi-devi, the best of all goddesses and the giver of all wealth and good fortune, uses her hair as a towel to dry Your lotus feet.

205.By again and again remembering Your lotus feet, Goddess Maya became the great potency and the seed of all, the goddess that is greater than the greatest.

206.By serving Your feet, Parvati became the very intelligent queen of all goddesses. She attained Lord Siva as her beloved master.

207.By serving Your lotus feet, Sarasvati became the mother-goddess of knowledge, the goddess worshipped by all.

208.By serving Your feet, Savitri became the mother of the Vedas. She purifies the three worlds. Brahma and the brahmanas yearn to attain her.

209.By serving Your lotus feet Vasundhara became the earth goddess. To maintain the people she became the mother of grains and jewels.

210.Radha was born from Your left side. She is Your equal in power and glory. She holds Your feet to Her breast. Who can describe all the ways She serves you?



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