Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 13:101-110

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Sri Krsnanna-prasana-nama-karana-prastava

Sri Krsna’s Anna-prasana and Nama-karana

Chapter 13: Verse 101-110



101.-102.He went to Gokula to keep the promise He made to Radha in Goloka. He only pretended that fear of Kamsa was His motive in going to Gokula. He is the Supreme Lord, the controller of fear. How can He be afraid?

103.The Sama Veda explains how Lord Narayana explained to the demigod Brahma, who was sitting on the lotus of the Lord’s navel, the derivation of the word Radha.

104.On Brahmaloka Brahma repeated that explanation to Lord Siva, and on the top of Mount Kailasa Lord Siva repeated that explanation to me.

105.O Nanda, please hear this explanation, which the Vedas cannot attain and the suras, asuras and the kings of the munis yearn to hear, and which brings with it the highest liberation.

106.The letter r uproots the sins and the good and bad karma of ten million births. The letter a uproots death, disease, and finding a home in a mother’s womb.

107.By hearing, remembering, and speaking the letter dh, one puts an end to death. By hearing, remembering, and speaking the letter a, one puts an end to the bonds that tie him to the material realm.

108.The letter ra brings unwavering devotional service to Lord Krsna’s lotus feet, service that all the great saints yearn to attain, service that brings eternal transcendental bliss, service that brings all perfections, service that is all-powerful and glorious.

109.The letter dh brings association with the Lord, eternal spiritual existence like Him, opulence like His, a form like His, and transcendental knowledge like His.

110.The letter a brings power, glory, charitableness, yogic power, yogic consciousness, and eternity as they are present in Lord Krsna. It brings remembrance of Lord Krsna.



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