Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 12:21-30

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Cart is Broken and the Kavaca is Placed

Chapter 12: Verse 21-30



21.May the Lord who gives liberation protect your chest. May the Lord who kills the demons protect your abdomen. May the Lord who rescues His devotees protect your navel. May the Lord who is present everywhere protect your jaw.

22.May the Supreme Person protect your hips, buttocks and private parts. May the husband of Sita protect your knees. May the all-powerful Lord always protect you.

23.May the Lord who appeared as Nrsimha protect you from all dangers. May the Lord who appeared as Varaha protect your feet. May the Lord who is all-powerful protect you always.

24.May the Lord who is the resting place of all living entities protect you from above. May the Lord who is the goddess of fortune’s husband protect you from below. May the Lord who protects the cows protect you from the front. May the Lord who killed Ravana protect you from fire.

25.May the Lord who wears a garland of forest flowers protect you from the south. May the Lord who appears as the son of Vaikuntha-devi protect you from the southwest. May the Lord who appears as the son of Vasudeva and who sits on throne of lotuses protect you from the west.

26.May the Lord who never takes birth and who is famous and glorious always protect you from the northwest. May the Lord who never ends, although He puts an end to everything material, always protect you from the north.

27.May the Lord who controls everything protect you from the northeast. May the Lord who defeats His enemies protect you from all directions. May the Lord who appeared in the Raghu dynasty protect you on land, in water, in our space, and in your dreams.

28.O Brahma, thus I have spoken this very wonderful kavaca, which Lord Krsna Himself kindly gave to me when I remembered Him a long time ago.

29.In a terrible battle I saw in the sky the demon Sumbha was once defeated by this kavaca.

30.By the power of this kavaca the demon, who had fought a terrible battle in the sky for a hundred years, at once fell to the earth and died.



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