Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 10:41-45

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Liberation of Putana

Chapter 10: Verse 41-45



41.Sri Narayana Rsi said: When King Bali’s daughter Ratnamala saw Lord Vamana’s handsome form in the yajna area, she at once felt for Him the love a mother feels for her son.

42.She thought: If I had a son like Him, I would cradle Him to my chest and give Him my breast.

43.Understanding her mind, in another birth Lord Krsna drank from her breast. An ocean of mercy that fulfils all desires. He made her His mother.

44.O sage, the demoness Putana gave a poison breast to Lord Krsna and still she attained liberation and became His mother. Except for Lord Krsna, whom should I worship?

45.O brahmana, thus I have described Lord Krsna’s transcendental qualities. The pastimes I tell you are supremely sweet at every step.



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