Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 10:1-10

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Liberation of Putana

Chapter 10: Verse 1-10



1.Sri Narayana Rsi said: As, surrounded by his courtiers, he sat on a golden throne Kamsa heard an eloquent disembodied voice in the sky.

2.The voice said: Fool, what are you doing? Now you should worry about your fate. Your killer is now born on the earth. O king, do something to stop him.

3.Helped by goddess Maya, Vasudeva gave his son, who will kill you, to Nanda. Then he took Nanda’s daughter and gave her to you.

4.Nanda’s daughter is Goddess Maya, and Vasudeva’s son is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. Vasudeva’s son will kill you. At this moment He is growing up in Nanda’s house.

5.Devaki’s seventh pregnancy was not a miscarriage, as you heard. Her child did not die. Goddess Maya placed the unborn child in Rohini’s womb.

6.That child was born. He is powerful Balarama, an incarnation of Lord Sesa. He and Vasudeva’s son, who will both kill you, are now growing up in Nanda’s house. 7.Hearing these words, Kamsa bowed his head. Filled with worry, he pushed his meal away.

8.Calling her to the assembly, King Kamsa, who though himself a great moralists, spoke to his good sister Putana, who was more dear than life to him.

9.Kamsa said: Putana, go at once on a mission to Gokula. Smear poison on your breasts and give them to the infant in Nanda’s house.

10.Child, you can travel as fast as the mind. You are learned in the science of magic and illusion. O mystic yogini, transform yourself into a human being and go to Vraja.



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