Viharvan lies one-and-a-half miles south-west of Ram-Ghat. Darshan of the Bihariji Temple and Vihar-kund is recommended. Braj-bihari Krishna together with Radhika and the gopis performed rasa and other kinds of amorous pastimes at this charming place near Yamuna. Although most of the forests of Braj have been cut down, Viharvan remains somewhat protected. Even today, cuckoos sing and thousands of peacocks make their ke-ka sound here, and during the rainy season they dance and drop their feathers. There are many beautiful kunjas, kadamb groves and many kinds of creepers here. When one visits this place, sweet remembrances of Krishna's pastimes will manifest in one's heart. In the cowshed here, the very beautiful cows, jumping calves and intoxicated looking bulls awaken sweet memories of Shri Krishna's cow grazing pastimes.


Akshayavat is also called Bhandirvat, and is situated two miles south of Rama-ghat. Shri Krishna, Balram and the sakhas played many games in the shade of this banyan (vata) tree. They especially liked to wrestle here. Baldev killed Pralambasur at Akshayavat.
Once during cow herding, Shri Krishna and Balram left the cows to graze in the lush, green fields and went off to play with the sakhas. They divided themselves into two groups, one headed by Krishna and the other headed by Baldev. The game they played had a rule that each boy in the group that lost had to carry the boy who had defeated him on his shoulders from Bhandirvat to a fixed place some distance away and then back again. Pralambasura, a demon sent by Kansa, assumed the form of a beautiful sakha and joined Krishna's team. Krishna knowingly encouraged the new sakha to play and kept him on His team. Shri Krishna was defeated by Shridham and Pralambasura by Balram. According to the rules, Shridham sat on Shri Krishna's shoulders and Balram on Pralambasura's. Krishna made His way towards the appointed place, but the wicked Pralambasura ran instead to a place that was deep and isolated. After some time he assumed his hideous demon form. Kansa had instructed him to kill Baldev before killing Krishna. At first, Baldev Prabhu was uncertain about what to do but, upon receiving a clue from Krishna, He split the head of the demon with one blow of His fist. Pralambasura vomited blood and collapsed to the earth. When Krishna and the sakhas arrived there, they embraced Balram and praised His strength and fortitude.
The following pastime also took place at Akshayavat. One day, Radhika, the sakhis and Shri Krishna were playing together here. The sakhis said to Krishna, “Pran-Vallabh, You always boast that You have defeated even expert wrestlers. But why is it that Shridham defeated You.” Shri Krishna answered, "That is entirely untrue. No one in the whole universe can defeat Me. I have never been defeated by Shridham." Radhika replied, "If that is so, then we gopis are ready to wrestle with You. If You defeat us, then we will understand that You are the topmost wrestler." The gopis dressed themselves as wrestlers and Radhika wrestled with Krishna, easily defeating Him. The sakhis clapped their hands and praised Her. Since Shri Krishna and the sakhas wrestled and performed physical exercise here, the village near Akshayavat is called Kasrata. The word kasrata means kasrat karna, or "to perform physical exercise". It also means kusti karna, or "to wrestle". When the ancient banyan tree that stood here disappeared, a new one was planted in its place. Note that the Bhandirvat situated in Bhandirvan is a different pastime place on the other side of the Yamuna.