Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 252

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan


66. sarvadharman parityajya
snam ekam saranam
vraja aham tva sarvapapebhyo
tnokayisyami ma sucah
(66) Abandoning all duties, come to Me alone for shelter. Be not grieved, for I shall release thee from all evils.We should willingly yield to His pressure, completely surrender to His will and take shelter in His love. If we destroy confidence in our own little self and replace it by perfect confidence in God He will save us. God asks of us total self-giving and gives us in return the power of the spirit which changes every situation. Arjuna was perturbed by the various duties, ritualistic and ethical, that the war will result in the confusion of castes and in-difference to the ancestors as well as in the violation of sacred duties of reverence for the teachers, etc. Krsna tells him not to worry about these laws and usages but to trust Him and bow to His will. If he consecrates his life, actions, feelings and thoughts, and surrenders himself to God, He will guide him through the fight of life and he need have no fears. Surrender is the easiest way to self transcendence. "He only is fit to contemplate the Divine light who is the slave to nothing, not even to his virtues." Ruysbroeck. If we are to realize our destinies, we must stand naked and guileless before the Supreme. We, now and then, vainly try to cover ourselves up and hide the truth from the Lord. That way the gopis failed to realize their destinies. We do not even seek God as await His touch. When we turn to Him and let Him fill our whole being, our responsibility ceases. He deals with us and leads us beyond all sorrow. It is an unreserved surrender to the Supreme who takes us up and raises us to our utmost possible perfection. Though the Lord conducts the world according to fixed laws and expects us to conform to the law of right action based on our nature and station in life, if we take shelter in Him, we transcend all these. A seemingly outer help must come to man, for his soul cannot deliver itself from the trap in which it is caught by its own effort. When we wait on God without words and desire only His taking hold of us, the help comes. Cp. "He, who cares nothing for merits and demerits even though taught by Me, who, setting aside all duties, serves Me alone, is the greatest."[1] The followers of R. look upon this verse as the carama Sloka or the final verse of the whole book.

The Reward of following the Doctrine
67. idam te na 'tapaskaya
nã 'bhaktaya kadacana
na ca 'susrusave vacyam
na ca mam yo ' bhyasuyati
(67) Never is this to be spoken by thee to one who is not austere in life or who has no devotion in him or who is not obedient or who speaks ill of Me. Only those who are disciplined, loving and have a desire to serve are capable of understanding the message; others may listen to it and abuse it.

68. ya idam paramam guhyam
madhhaktesv abhidhcisyati
bhaktim may pal-am krtva'
mam evai 'syaty asamsaya
(68) He who teaches this supreme secret to My devotees, showing the highest devotion to Me, shall doubtless come to Me. It is the duty of those who are previously initiated to initiate their uninitiated brethien [2]


References and Context

  1. ajnatvaivam gunan dosan mayadistan api svakan dharman samtyayya yah sarvan bhajet sa hi sattamah.
  2. asaynskrtas tu saanskaryah bhratrbhih purvasainskytaih. Cp. durjanah sayjano bhuyat sayjanah ,santim apnuyat panto mucyeta bandhebhyo muktas canyein vinaocayet. May the wicked become virtuous, may the virtuous attain tranquillity, may the tranquil be freed from bonds, may the freed make others free.