Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 147

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan

True Renunciation

14. na kartrlvam na karma u
lokasya srjati prabhu4
na karmaphalasamyogam
svabhdvas tu pravarlate
(14) The Sovereign Self does not create for the people agency, nor does He act. Nor does He connect works with their fruits. It is nature that works out (these) Prabhuh is the Sovereign Self of the knower, the Real Self which is one with all that is

15. na 'datte kasyacit p pa n
na cai 'va sukrtaln vibhuh
ajnanena 'vrtarn jnanani
tena muhyanti jantavah
(15) The All-pervading Spirit does not take on the sin or the merit of any Wisdom is enveloped by ignorance; thereby creatures are bewildered
vibhuh all-pervading. Each soul is not a separate monad, eternal and changeless. Vibhuh refers either to the Self of the jnanin or the Supreme Self, which are identical in Advaita Vedanta
ajnanena. by ignorance It is the ignorance which makes us believe in the ultimateness of the multiplicity
jnanam wisdom. It is the wisdom which is the one basis of all distinctions[1]

16. jnanena tu tad jnanam
visas ncigitam ãEmanaf
tesam ddityavaj jn~a~
Prakasayati at param
(16) But for those in whom ignorance is destroyed by wisdom, for them wisdom lights up the Supreme Self like the sun
tatparam paramartha tattvam. ultimate reality. S
The Self above the ego is not touched by sin or merit, by joy or sorrow. It is the witness of all

17. tadbuddhayas tadatmanas
tannisthas latplatparayanah
gacchanty apunaravrttim
(17) Thinking of That, directing their whole conscious being to That, making That their whole aim, with That as the sole object of their devotion, they reach a state from which there is no return, their sins washed away by wisdom.
The false ego determined by works disappears and the jiva realizes its identity with the Supreme Self and works from that centre.


References and Context

  1. ajnenavaravaviksepadaktimata m-dydkhyend'nrtena tamasa jna jivavarajagadbhedabhramadhisthanabhutam nityam svaprakasam: saecidlinundarupam advitiyam paramarthasatyam. Madhusudana