Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 142

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan

The Way of Knowledge

40. ajñas cã 'graddadhdnag ca
samsyam vinagyati
yena 'yam loo 'sti na pro
na sukham sariasayatmanah
(40) But the man who is ignorant, who has no faith, who is of a doubting nature, perishes. For the doubting soul, there is neither this world nor the world beyond nor any happiness.
We must have a positive basis for life, an unwavering faith which stands the test of life.

41. yogasamnyastakarmana
atmavantam na karmani
nbadhnanti dhanamjaya
(41) Works do not bind him who has renounced all works by yoga, who has destroyed all doubt by wisdom and who ever possesses his soul, 0 winner of wealth (Arjuna).
The mutual relationship of true work, wisdom and self-discipline is here brought out.
yogasarnnyastakar~nanaan: who has renounced all works by yoga. This may refer to those who develop even-mindedness with worship of God as its characteristic, and so dedicate all works to God or to those who have insight into the highest reality and so are detached from works.[1] Madhusudana.atmavantam. who possesses his self. While he does work for others, he remains his own self. In the eager pursuit of the good of others, he does not lose his hold on the self.

42. tasmadd ajnanasambhutam
hrtstham nana 'mana
chittvai 'nama samsayam
yogam atistho 'atistho bharata
(42) Therefore having cut asunder with the sword of wisdom this doubt in thy heart that is born of ignorance, resort to yoga and stand up, 0 Bharata (Arjuna) Arjuna is here called upon to perform action with the help of knowledge and concentration. The doubt in his heart whether it is better to fight or abstain is the product of ignorance. It will be destroyed by wisdom. Then he will know what is right for him to do. titi ... jnanayoga nama caturtho 'dhydyah This is the fourth chapter entitled The Yoga of Divine Knowledge Sometimes the chapter is entitled jnana Karrnasamnyasayoga, the yoga of knowledge and (true) renunciation of action.


References and Context

  1. yogena bhagavadaradhanalaksanasamatvabuddhiricpen. a Otani bhagavati samaprpitam karmani yena yad va paraniarthadar, analal anena yogena samnyastani tyaktani harrnanz yenta, tam yogasamnyastakarmcnam.